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Fully Licensed Armourers

History in the Making Ltd are Registered Firearms Dealers for the film, television and theatre industry, approved by the UK Home Office for Section 5 Prohibited Firearms, approved firearms contractors for the BBC and full members of the Gun Trade Association.

We have a large stock of live-firing and replica weapons, full-size cannons, swords and daggers (both practical and prop). Due to the large demand for our Film Armourer services we have created a new division, Rent-a-Gun. Check out our new Rent-a-Gun YouTube channel.

Whatever the needs of your production, History in the Making Ltd have the arms and armour to make your action come alive!

Costume Design  

Costume Design and Manufacture Service

At History in the Making, our fully-qualified military uniform tailors are able to provide costume design and manufacture. Our make-to-hire model means that we can usually accommodate all types and sizes of production.

Production Design

Whether you are organising

  • an Army Mess Function
  • a Christmas Party
  • a Summer Ball
  • Pickle Night
  • Trafalgar Night
  • a Battle of Britain Dinner
  • a Film, Game or Product Launch

just sit back and leave the set dressing and theme to History in the Making Get-Set-Go.

  Production Design
Armourer, Spanish Armour, AK-47, Sword, Medieval Helmet, German WWII Uniform, Spanish Cuirass, Napoleonic Shako